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Thought of the Day Thread
Seeing Ray Bunzow half dead with breathing tubes forced down his throat certainly warms my heart.

That's one lying murderer that simply can't die quick enough.
Since the "Hell's Angels" founder just passed away, do you reckon he now is one?

Hell's Angels: stupidest name, ever.
Why are people claiming to be Adamites when they are homosexual gnostic cult?
October 31st is Reformation Day... The day Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to the door of Catholic church.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hope everyone had a Blessed day.
What happened to the Christian Identity Australia Forums and why is Robert Hancock hiding the fact he went on a black person's show?

...and how is that Visser can finish off three imposters in one day because he's pissed about non-support?

The world may never know but it's certainly spectacular to see, haha.
All this archiving to Bitchute you're seeing is because apparently we'll be offline for most of next year and we'll be unable to do anything. We sure hope financial support picks up in the future.

Enjoy and share the archives.

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