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Covenant People's Books
Tactics of the Serpent proves the seduction of Eve in Eden by examining various bad people from the Holy Bible. This paperback examines the character of Satan himself in addition to the specific actions of Cain, Balaam, Judas Iscariot, Simon Magus, Eve, Rahab, Jezebel and Delilah. This book looks at detrimental new 'doctrines of [no] devils' that seek to protect the lawless one by explaining away his existence. We look at the many commandments that tell us to study the scriptures and look a little deeper at demons and angels. An in-depth examination of the many names of Satan, the so-called "temptation" of Christ and the parable of the tares is included.

[Image: tactics-serpent_isbn_thumb.jpg]

56 Pages | 2012 | Paperback
This book, Alpha & Omega God (now offered to the many kind friends of CPM) focuses on the uncomplicated – yet most complex – teaching to be found in scripture; the reality that Jesus is God. By reading this carefully assembled volume any Christian can arm themselves with literally hundreds of Bible passages proving that Yahsua from the New Testament is Yahweh of the Old Testament. He is the eternal Creator just as taught for ages in His Word.

[Image: omega_isb_thumb.jpg]

90 Pages | 2008 | Paperback
It's wonderful to finally see Satan-el: Fallen Mourning Star in publication (featuring an introduction by Pastor Eli James). It has been a long time effort of CPM to complete this book and we hope that all of you enjoy studying it as much as we have assembling it. The false teaching that Satan is not literal is spiritually destructive thus this book was needed to expose the numerous "no-devil" myths that have shattered a once-agreed Body of Christian believers.

[Image: satan-el_isbn_thumb.jpg]

116 Pages | 2008 | Paperback
Poetry is not something you "get" but something you "feel." This collection of poems by Pastor Jeromy John Visser of Covenant People's Ministry spans over twenty years and reflects a side of the author rarely seen. This original Covenant People's Book is compiled from original manuscript master-sheet scans (created by word processor) and handwritten loose-leaf paper from the 80's and 90's! Today Pastor Visser "puts his poetry in his preaching" but finally much of this material can be enjoyed by both poets and Christians alike!

[Image: selected-poetry_isbn_thumb.jpg]

94 Pages | 2016 | Paperback
Joy Unspeakable was among some of the first titles published by Covenant People's Books and has the distinction of being the only paperback published as a second edition. This special version features three expository sermons covering the entire books of 1st Peter, the Epistle of James and fragments of 2nd Peter II. This reissue even showcases some early concept art and computer graphics that ultimately lead up to this definitive and final printing.

[Image: joy-unspeakable_isbn_thumb.jpg]

70 Pages | 2011 | Paperback
Wolves In Sheep's Clothing proves the King James Version of the Bible confirms there will always be false prophets amongst faithful Christians. Wolves oftentimes wear "sheep's clothing!" This uplifting book explains how dishonest teachers operate and why they intentionally mislead the well-meaning for filthy lucre in six full-length chapters complete with full-color illustrations and alternate cover art.

[Image: wolves-clothing_isbn_thumb.jpg]

54 Pages | 2014 | Paperback
The Morning Stars was always meant to be in book form. As a series, we began writing it in early 2007 and worked on it throughout the remaining year. The original audio sermons were recorded on cassette tape and are likely some of the poorest quality godcasts ever produced by CPM. Still, it’s a pleasure to finally see "The Morning Stars" in paperback format for others to enjoy. Be sure to make use of the study notes supplied in this book and we’ve even provided space at the back for your own personal writings.

[Image: morning-stars_isbn_thumb.jpg]

72 Pages | 2016 | Paperback
This book is designed to teach you seedline doctrine in thirty days! There are no page numbers in The Seedline Monthly Devotional. Irrespective of month simply turn to the correct day’s page and attempt to memorize some - if not ALL - of the KJV Bible verses provided. Meditate on their deeper meanings (Psalm 119:15) and ask yourself what Yahweh is saying to you through His Word. Spend time reflecting upon some of the reasons these verses were written. If you have time, read the provided article for that specific day.

[Image: seedline-monthly_isbn_thumb.jpg]

50 Pages | 2016 | Paperback
Fear God (Assorted Sermons) is a compilation of sermons written and preached by Pastor J. John Visser of Covenant People’s Ministry between 2005 and 2008. Each chapter is a specific topic dealing with all manner of subjects pertinent to the Christian walk. Admittedly, it’s what’s considered a “duel-seedline” Christian Identity book and specifically addresses the descendants of Issac’s sons today known as Saxons. These are they who truly fear Yahweh!

[Image: fear-god_isbn_thumb.jpg]

106 Pages | 2009 | Paperback
This unique volume provides Christians with an extensive overview of God’s food Laws as found in both the Old and New Testaments. Designed to be a handy field manual for the serious Christian, Our Fathers Ate Manna goes one step further by proving Jesus Christ is God Himself who lovingly provided followers a set of guidelines. When His food Laws are properly followed and applied the Christian can achieve optimum health, blessings and immunity. This Expanded Deluxe Edition contains; JOY UNSPEAKABLE, ALTERNATE COVER ART, SELECT CPM NEWSLETTERS & DEVICES OF THE LAWLESS ALMANAC!

[Image: manna_isbn_thumb.jpg]

120 Pages | 2006 | Paperback

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