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hello again dear Ken's Fokin thank you for joining me I'm pastor Visser of the covenant peoples church and ministry and I'm pleased to welcome you to an all new All Hallows Eve broadcast and by that I mean we used to actually do an All Saints Day broadcast with more regularity however over the years it seems we've stopped doing them but this year 2017 is a great time to pick it back up and in fact I titled today's lecture the downfall of Satan and I believe anybody who is an honest Bible student will appreciate today's lecture and one of the most beautiful things about actually wide streaming and doing these annual broadcasts is it gives me the ability to actually relax give the flock some updates and let you know where we stand as a ministry and so to actually give a review on these particular saw and broadcast also known as Samhain the first one that I did was in 2005 and it was entitled Samhain or saw Yen Green Man of Death and what's interesting about that particular sermon as few people know but there's actually peppered within it Type O Negative lyrics which shows you my mentality back in 2005 about 12 years ago when I actually did the first Halloween broadcast for covenant peoples ministry now we follow that up in 2007 with a solo sermon titled he maketh his angels spirits what's interesting about that particular Halloween broadcast is believe it or not that was the first time I stopped writing my notes and started preaching from assembled notes so from 2004 up till 2007 is where the girth or the majority of covenant people's books were authored believe it or not and we'll get to that more in a moment the third one that I did is my personal favorite it was preached in 2008 and it's titled the vision of Obadiah and what's interesting about vision of Obadiah or saw en part 3 is that we put about a week at least back then 10 years ago into editing vision of Obadiah we put death metal and sound effects and really went all out to make it a Halloween broadcast and so if you haven't heard that vision of Obadiah you can actually hear it at covenant peoples ministry org that happens to be pastor Visser's favorite sermon at least from that era of 2008 now what's interesting about the final two that we did at least part four and five of the saga or All Hallows Eve broadcast is they were done with my old co-host Obadiah 118 and perhaps many of you listening or viewing this on youtube remember Obadiah 118 but he went on to actually start his own ministry in Australia and is still going ironically so give credit where credit is due but part five was titled OB and vist that was it and part four was all hallows eve or All Saints Day what's interesting about that particular OB and this broadcast was I personally look into the differences between All Hallows Eve and All Saints Day and compare them to saw yet or Samhain and so if you want an extensive study on Halloween itself that is as a pagan holiday I definitely invite you to listen to those two sermons from 2012 and 2013 and that if you will is all five of the saw and broadcast that we have produced from this pulpit and so today is Sunday October 29th it's about 10:00 a.m. and I'd like to thank you for joining me today I know it has been a long absence it has actually been about two months since we wrapped up Galatians and based on the unpopularity of Ephesians and Galatians I specifically chose to do Philippians and stay within the book of Philippians knowing that it would be unpopular and my what an understatement that is seemingly about every three years NORs truly has to rebuild covenant peoples ministry because well like it or don't usually the job of a true preacher is to preach the word in season and out of season irregardless of who it might offend and that brings me to the second update today over the last two months many people have contacted me wondering hey pastor visser why have you and dr. James T wickstrom split and the truth of the matter is there's no split at all what happened was about two months ago towards the end of July I preached a sermon titled blameless bishops and I know many of you probably heard that particular livestream because I go into the book of Timothy the book of Titus and basically all of Paul's requirements for what a preacher or a bishop is supposed to do and what did you know it that that sermon while I was proud of it it was quite popular went on to step on the toes of many professed Christian identity pastors you see that they came in and said well I'm not married I don't have children pastor Visser's basically saying I can't preach and the truth of the matter is I never said that what I did though however in blameless bishops and CI fixation both was quote verbatim what Paul says okay and so that caused much conflict at Euro folk radio and it caused many of the other hosts over there to call for my removal which is fine by me because actually I wanted to get out from under euro folk radio and I truly did not want to even speak about the matter except for the fact that several men and women have contacted me saying well how come you and wickstrom are doing shows well I'm not doing shows on euro folk radio anymore and in the interim they've replaced me with a Negro a Jew and an Arab so something to think about I got out of there just in time so me and wickstrom are far from split while the OB and vist show is dead in the water we can I have all intentions of continuing Yahweh's truth in fact of the 420 Yahweh's truth broadcasts at James Wickstrom did I did 88 of them and those are all available on this particular YouTube and also covenant peoples ministry org so if you want to hear the Yahweh's truth broadcast from the last four years straight all 88 of them are archived and why am I going there because many of you may not know that around mid to end you lie or around that time talks came in and unjustifiably just deleted many of the broadcasts that were on their network and me Wickstrom many others all went down in that particular purge and so as a result that is why it has been two months since there has been a Yahweh's truth but me and wickstrom are currently working on that so if you know of a particular radio venue or have any ideas to share with me or wick please do so that brings me to the next point and that is this around the same time that talks you removed me one of their oldest accounts off of their network and euro folk radio decided to fire me for quoting Paul verbatim so also did and decide to discontinue covenant people's books after 12 years almost seemingly overnight they decided that they had a problem and I'm not the only one many other Christian identity preachers were affected by Amazon removing us and so I've also been contacted countless times by people saying well pastor Visser how do you go about ordering covenant peoples books well the short answer is order them directly from us because we now have a whole new distributor and I'd like to actually show you the differences between the first edition and the second edition books as we know them now this is the discontinued version of the seed line monthly devotional and as you can see it has a full-color cover however the inside is completely black and white it does have the ISBN and it has the back note and that is how you know that this particular version is the first edition covenant people's version can't get these anymore they've been discontinued however through our new distributor we have the ability to continue producing all 10 covenant people's books but there is a trade-off the cover and the back cover are full-color however the entirety of all covenant people's books now are completely full cover and so that really makes a difference when you're looking at color pictures they actually match the pictures that come in at people's church but for example you can see that there is color at the top and also and the extra articles which were from last year there's a color photograph of myself color photographs of the graphics my good friends Apio on our forums did for us and also new writings and this one's quite popular Elijah Wood on Vipers which I don't think it made the final cut but you can actually read it at covenant peoples ministry calm and why is that important well in 2016 early in 2016 I produced a sermon title Elijah Wood on fighters where he actually came in and said many of the Halloween via Hollywood moguls were pedophiles three years before the fact almost and so long story short is you can still obtain all covenant peoples books all ten titles directly from us however the second editions are full-color which in many ways is more appropriate however there is an additional cost so each book is about 10% more and being that they were never seemingly updated at least the cost that's appropriate as well as part of the course so long story short Yahweh's truth is far from dead at least to my knowledge and me and wickstrom are currently looking for a new venue and that brings me to the final point before we actually move in to today's brief Halloween again or All Saints Day broadcast and that is this because I'm having to rebuild covenant peoples Church from an all-new group of supporters which are very very small and because we are literally experiencing the darkest era of this outreach that we have ever experienced as you heard me mention were having to rebuild and therefore last week we sent out about 20 of these particular notes directly from covenant people's Church which very fitting has a Madonna and Child on the outside of the cover and so if you haven't look for this you might receive one of these in your own mailbox so if you haven't already be sure to look for that and write us at any given time because we're having our time we may be removed from the internet and therefore it's imperative that you contact us at our mailing address and also be sure if you haven't already join dr. wickstrom mailing list there's the address very easy to see and he will send you monthly a DVD which is great edifying source that you can watch on your own home computer or of television whatever you wish and so that would be the final thing coming from this pulpit please contact either ministries if you have any thing to share and actually when I went to go pick this up yesterday Saturday I received a stack of books and they are titled the secret of the great white race this is written by Richard T Osbourne and it's very slim it's in chat chat look for it comes out of Cobra press which is in Texas and basically what this is is a small book talking about the migrations of the Israelite people the Saxon race and how they were dispersed and went over the Caucasus Mountains settled what it's mostly known as Europe today and truly are the ten tribes which are scattered abroad and we have about 20 copies of this particular book that were sent to us and so if you require a copy of the secret of the great white race simply write to this ministry we'll send it out to you when a 5x7 envelope with complete instructions on how to support covenant peoples ministry and a current compact disc and book order form we have all intentions on resurrecting the covenant peoples newsletter which we used to do about every two months and so I'm pretty sure those are the majority of the updates again today there's Sunday October 26 and it is a Sunday 10:00 a.m. making this the timeslot before Halloween you're therefore we're going to take a look at the fall of Satan very briefly but I feel that much of what we're going to cover today will definitely edify you and by all means dear kinfolk as I have said we're having to rebuild and it is usually the double that dries but Yahweh who leads and so I'm completely resolved as a preacher after 20 years of walking completely and retiring if that is exactly what Yahweh God leads me into and therefore it really comes unto you I mean how do you go about actually telling the flock that the enemy of Christendom in general as we have discussed today are quietly but behind the scenes erasing men like doctor wickstrom and myself pastor Visser from the internet and making our voice harder to hear how do you one them other than what I have already done in my current series on Philippians which is basically tell them you know they are coming in they're pushing us down through their algorithm YouTube has admitted to this and my rankings actually in 15 years are embarrassing altogether embarrassing so there's not much else I can say other than the fact that we're probably going to close our doors November 1st due to lack of listenership and support and that doesn't mean indefinitely and that doesn't mean it won't be an archive like we said but sometimes you can't fight an uphill battle and you can't ask any more than you already do ok and so definitely contact now would be the imperative time through email although that will probably only be good for a few more days and if I disappear from the internet you know why basically the enemy came and made it hard for people to find me and due to lack of word-of-mouth and due to circumstances which are beyond our control we have to close our doors and so I'd like to look at the downfall of Satan why because at Halloween this is the time where whether it's a bastardized version of this pagan festival known as All Hallows Eve which is the evening before All Saints Day ironically this is the time where most people focus on death they focus on witches and goblins zombies and things that they usually focus on seemingly at least here in the South a majority of the time anyway so while Halloween has pagan origins it's undeniable you as i overviewed this morning and going through these I like to look at the downfall of Satan for example the green man of death that was about the devil's influence and where it was seen on cathedrals throughout all of Europe angel spirits is about the fall of Satan we're going to be looking at a bit of that today the vision of Obadiah is technically an expository sermon that looks at every verse in the book of Obadiah and looks at the downfall of Esau Edom All Hallows Eve and the Obi invest Samhain or Saul yen volume five deal with the pagan elements of the holiday itself and so to begin I'd like to look at Luke chapter 10 now I don't have any of these particular notes outlined within the book itself so you're gonna have to bear with me as I skip around but this will be found in the Gospel according to Luke chapter 10 and I feel it's a great place to actually begin this holiday study in Luke chapter 10 Christ says this we learned beginning in verse 17 the seventy disciples returned again with joy saying Lord even the Devils are subject to us through thy name and Christ said unto them I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven now that one simplistic statement made by Yahshua to Christ gives us so many keys number one we learn that Satan is a proper name it's comput alized and that's a study for another day number two we see once again in relation to the morning stars or the sons of God take your pick angels that lightning and/or light tie into them okay this is important because much later we learned that Satan and his ministers transform themselves into angels of life but what is a disciple supposed to be sons of thunder right bear with me but this is what Christ says I beheld Satan as lightning fall how could that be well Third Point and that is this that Christ is the logos he is the Living Word he was there in the beginning right and was with God and was made flesh so don't overlook the importance of Christ saying I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven because this proves the preeminence and the fact that Christ was always there the same yesterday today and forever so Satan fell like lightnings right well that's confirmable and this is in the New Testament but if you didn't really understand the law and the prophets you wouldn't understand what he's talking about so turn with me to Isaiah and I preached this numerous times but it's found in the 14th chapter and it's here where we're gonna deal with Lucifer what's interesting about Lucifer it's the fact that the text definitely bears out that he is the king of Babylon and that allows many men to come in and say well it's the king of Babylon not the Son of God right Lucifer Satan or different now being the fact that Judaism denies the devil and says that it's flesh is the study for another day being that fact consider a statement that we learn then Isaiah chapter 14 verse 12 I sail the major prophet says how thou art fallen from heaven o Lucifer son of the morning now what did Christ say in Luke chapter 10 I beheld Satan as lightning fall here we're learning about somebody falling for money as any man fallen from heaven scripturally it's impossible so Satan is sane first point for this Halloween cast why is that important not so much focusing on the doctrine the ball the origins or the works of Satan but understanding that our Jewish enemy does not believe in a literal Satan in fact they come in and call anybody who disagrees with them a Satan or the closet on very important to understand because right here we learn so many things about Satan how thou art fallen from heaven o Lucifer son of the morning morning what morning stars what do stars do well we learn in job chapter 38 that the morning stars are the same angels right that war in heaven and ultimately cast Satan to earth for Jesus Christ to say I beheld but this was before the Gospels my friend and so understand how thou art cast down which did weaken the nation's what nation the Israelite nations my friends the book of Genesis all the way to Revelation this entire Holy Bible is written for who well the Old Testament is the book of the generations of genius of Earth or the Adam the Adamic offspring whereas the New Testament is the book of the generations of Jesus Christ so both books are equally racial and we're dealing with the sons of God the morning stars and say use em up as to what weaken the Israelite nations through us through sin that is why my friends I'm spending my days in Philippians why I stand by Ephesians and Galatians both as series I know they're not popular but I'm proud of them and in that regard what's more important the flesh or the spirit Satan fell because of something right we're about to learn from it right here verse 13 back in Isaiah chapter 14 for thou Lucifer has said in thine heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God or the other stars of God that's very very important because within that characteristic or trait we see the devil and we see his children they always desired the homage that is due Yahweh God and so it stands with Jesus Christ oftentimes the flesh is a stumbling block will get you to go back to the law in which you can't be justified because it requires an High Priest but men who want to be revered as a high priest well they have no problem coming in and saying I'm going to cut the neck of a goat right and denying Christ atoning work on Calvary that's the point so the devil says I will be like the Most High now I'm gonna tell you something my friends right now in this current era in 2017 many people myself included are rejoicing at the downfall of Hollywood Bollywood and the irony behind all that is we think that's some great victory right but what you don't realize is that you cares nothing about the television or motion picture industry in the first place the eyes are targeted on the internet because they already know that's a dying Empire and so while they come in it is imperative to not allow other men to block you from the truth of God's work what I'm saying is I believe we're entering into an era where Satan's ministers are going to transform themselves into angels of light ministers of life they're going to come in as per the Gospels and say peace peace but there won't be any peace and meanwhile while this Orwellian New World Order is ushered in and more and more so every day they're making sure the women men and children of Yahweh God cannot hear the gospel truth and so what is more important at the end of the day reviewing God worshipping Him in spirit and truth and not desiring the glory for ourselves and more importantly not being egotistical I will exalt my throne Lucifer says above the stars of God I will sit also upon the Mount of the congregation in the sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the Most High yet thou shalt be brought down to hell to the sides of the Lucifer so men are gonna come in they're gonna split hairs especially if they're from the OSL or a single seed line camp which isn't Christian identity at all and tell you well there it is that's Lucifer right but no man has seen heaven at any time no man hath fallen from heaven and no man hath fallen from heaven before the first earth age where Jesus Christ could say I beheld Satan as lightning fall so three major points light right whether we're dealing with stars or lightning or a shooting star falling from heaven we're dealing with life second point is Satan meaning adversary Lucifer being his proper name literal okay very important in this Europe because Jews only have Bar Mitzvahs because they believe that they're blessed is the hasatan and that impure impediment is to devil it's called the get Sahara I've done many studies on it so beware of people who come in and say the devil's not literal we're gonna actually prove that he is and then we're going to prove that he falls in the next ten minutes as time is getting away from me the next place I would like to examine is in the major prophets like usual but in the Book of Ezekiel in Ezekiel chapter 28 we learned once again of Satan however verse 13 thou has been and eating the garden of God stopping right there who are we talking about right here in Ezekiel chapter 28 well we know from the narrative that there were many people in Eden right many proverbial family trees so much so that Yahweh God had to come in and say well don't partake of this tree and even if you don't believe that we know from the gospel narrative and the book of Genesis there was Adam there was Eve there was Cain and Abel technically right and Satan so who is this Satan that was there all the way in the beginning that hath been in Eden the garden of God obviously not a man right obviously not sinful flesh thou has been in Eden the garden of God every precious stone was i covering and then they go through these thou art the anointed cherub that covers verse 14 I have set thee so that was to pond the holy mountain of God thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the fire and of the stones who obviously the devil and so what do we learn times getting away from me but in the very beginning of the book of Job the devil comes on a day when the sons of God all presented themselves before Yahweh and Yahweh God says where have you been and the devil says I've been walking to and fro up and down upon the face of the earth correct well the devil obviously was cast down from heaven jesus says he was there he saw it so that was the first catapult and the downfall a Satan that was the first earth age and I know many people have problem with that but we find ourselves today in the second earth age the replenish in-page then which Yahweh God created man in his own image and said go forth and what replenish the earth and subdue it but so also we looking forward to the third and final earth age and it has been my intention at least over the last couple of years since April of 2014 to try and arm the flock of Yahweh God my beloved brothers and sisters within the flesh my brother about the signs that precede the second Advent Matthew chapter 24 talks about it Christ talks about it but one of the biggest things I think that we overlook is the fact that Christ says at that time right before Yahshua returns the seventh vial seventh trumpet and seven seal at the sixth vial sixth trumpet and sixth seal the devil falls how many people will be walking to and fro and saying hey there's Christ there is Christ and what does Jesus Christ say don't believe them so there is a false Christ and what we're saying in today's era especially with in judeo-christian Dome is a false Christ and instead of Christ not the Christ of the Bible who said I am NOT sent but only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and so if the devil deceives the Israelite nations or the nation's to whom this book is applied you know it's been my intention to actually try and arm the people but you know people are gonna erect or support what they desire and so in your own free time look up 2nd Peter chapter 2 verse 4 where we learn that Yahweh God didn't spare the angels that kept not their first estate that bell and you can read about that in Genesis chapter 6 so it's not the first time that the enemies or the sons of God have said you know what we're going to be like the Most High and so we live in an era today where people's feelings or so they believe equate to law and oftentimes if you offend them by writing a book well they'll get you banned the freedom of speech never did exist I tried to explain that to people and more so and more so is it being taken away what can I do go to the Internet complain when the Internet is silencing silencing me can't be done so we're gonna close out this particular 40-minute study in the book of Revelation and I hope at least that the first part of this lecture gave you some updates and a background into what is happening at covenant people's church but in Revelation chapter 12 we learn and verse 7 but there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon and the dragon but alongside his angels and prevailed not neither was their place found any more in heaven and the Great Dragon was cast out that old serpent called the devil and Satan which deceives the whole world he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him now many people have contacted me and say well when does that happen the first or the third earth age answer is both happened before and will happen again Christ said I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven here's your ploy when Michael beats his proverbial talen cast them out of heaven something to consider second point is this we learn of the names of the devil did you catch him great dragon old serpent the devil and Satan so how men can come in and say the devil is not literal when he's literally the enemies of all of Christendom it's beyond me but they will do that there is war in heaven there is still war in heaven but Christ clearly taught that the kingdom of heaven is where right where ever Yahweh God dwells that's why when Christ walked he could tell the Pharisees the Kingdom of Heaven has already come upon you he was there in the beginning he saw Satan fall and he would know better so to wind this down consider a statement it's found in the ninth chapter of Revelation it deals with the same exact topic revelation 9:11 oh so easy to remember what are we learning John says they had tails like unto scorpions and there were stings in their tails and their power was to hurt Atta mites or men how long five months and they had a king over them which is the Angel of the bottomless pit whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon but in the Greek hath his name apollyon what are those two names mean well as Lucifer has a meaning bright and Morning Star and as Satan has a meaning adversary so also do Abaddon and Napoleon have a meaning and it means at the core root in both Hebrew and Greek perdition sentenced to perish there's only one person sentenced to perish in all Scripture one and that is Satan we already covered it today in passing from Isaiah and Ezekiel but thou shalt be brought down to hell or thou shall be brought down to the sides of the bottomless pit so the son of perdition final birth to consider it's found in Revelation chapter 20 I don't want to leave you on a somber tone although Halloween is a perfect opportunity for doing as such don't you think Revelation chapter 20 right in verse 1 I saw an angel come down from heaven having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain within his hand and he laid hold on that dragon the old serpent which is the devil and Satan and bound him a thousand years and cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up and set a seal upon him that he should deceive the Israelite nation's no more until the thousand years people built now why is this part and where we're leaving off so important I'll tell you why Paul talks about this in Philippians and if you're not studying along with us in Philippians I believe we're up to part 9 almost part 10 now but we're winding it down you're never gonna understand this millennial reign okay the millennial reign deals with the first and second resurrection and so also the 1st and 2nd death and I know in many ways that's a study for another day but when the devil is bound for a thousand years he'll be loosed again for a little season and doesn't it stand to reason that in a great time of apostasy as so many Bible authors have written about men are going to be coming in saying the devil's literally well they believe Yahweh's literal or God they believe that Yeshua or Jesus Christ is literal but when you tell them the double is literal well why would they say he's not literal because he's the adversary of God because he desires the homage that is to Yahweh God and so while I will probably if I'm able to complete Philippians and that'll probably be the final series and less support picks up I make no apologies for preaching blameless bishops I make no apologies for preaching on philippians ephesians or galatians you know because oftentimes if it offends you you need to be offended but unfortunately the jew comes in and gives everyone a brownie points-- says well you're offended right this preacher said something you disagree with so it's pastor Visser's job to apologize no it isn't I'll never apologize and I'll never relent for quoting what Paul says or for proving that the Bible and the devil are both literal and that the Jewish adversary are they who come in and say Satan is is really bush okay now I've done my best and I've done my part and I've said all I can say and I've asked all I can ask and I truly hope that if this is my final live stream that you know Yahweh's word won't come back Boyd I know it will not and I know that I have reached so many people in fact you know I could show you boxes and boxes and boxes of mail this is just from this month of people who actually contact this ministry and say that we've done a great work this has been you know so many ways my life's work and I never could mercy in spite of the fact that I was usually right about Obama and Charlottesville and almost everything else I could never Percy at least 20 years ago an era in which whiteness is something to be ashamed of an era in which a man like myself can't provide for his own family because of a thought crime you know as well as I do many men and women are going to jail right now for thought crimes why do you think that is could it be that the Word of God is true and every man is a liar so be very careful how you hear those Commandments are within the Word of God for a reason you can quench your spirit by listening to on sound doctrine but if you love the truth contact this ministry or support ministries like it and until next time that there is a next time this is pastor Besser from Brooks Georgia the covenant people's church wanting to thank the few men women and children that have supported this ministry in the last 60 days and in total that's it Barun with an F air with a Z Doug with a D Troy warrior of Yahweh my friend an eight-mile Detroit Kevin with an A Curtis Danny with an M or an F excuse me and Willis with the seats I don't know what's going on but I didn't work 20 years for my ministry to wither on the vine and so with that I hope I've opened a few eyes and at least let you know that I will be back to the airwaves if me and dr. Wickstrom can find an appropriate venue burr Yahweh's truth I will be back to the airwaves the moment somebody deems fit to support this ministry and until then this is pastor Visser from Brooks Georgia the covenant people's church wanting to thank everybody who has supported me over the years and wishing you and your entire family the great study since always war for Christ Yahweh bless her amen

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