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hello again and thank you for joining me my name is pastor Visser of the covenant people's Church located in beautiful downtown Brooks Georgia and Friends today I'm going to be discussing the Virgin Mary and of course there is a reason for that because I personally feel especially within Christian identity that the acts and the righteous works of both Joseph and Mary are overlooked and so with that being established what could be sad about the Virgin Mary at least in this year 2017 well Mary most assuredly is an important figure in the life of the young Christ and as such seemingly every year at least since the mid-60s the United States Post Office has issued a stamp round about Christmas time a postage stamp always dedicated to the Madonna and Child every two and a half years actually for the last fifty years and so I brought today with me this supplement which actually features every single Madonna and Child stamp that has been released in the United States of America starting in the very first one in 1966 going in 1967 to 70 71 and so forth as you can see practically every year the US Post Office has issued a great work of art on the other side of the page of course that gives you a background into each work of art but this begins in 1966 goes through the years and actually covers every single issue as you can see this is about 1992 93 94 and so on and this supplement actually as you can see right up to our current era this is 2007 eight nine all of which are meant 2011 13 and last year 2016 so you may be asking pastor Visser how much is that stamp album worth how much are all of those Madonna a child stamps that are issued by the United States Post Office how much are they worth well approximately five bucks and that is in mint condition but what is a little bit more valuable than used postage stamps would be first-day covers and I've attempted to collect first-day covers all dealing with the Virgin Mary since I was about ten years old for example here's the first day of issue from Melbourne Australia but Christmas 1976 with the Madonna and Child upon it quite interesting because as we progress and we go through time it's interesting bet that you try so hard to erase what is known as our history here in the United States they're currently taking down what they consider Confederate monuments but they can't do that when it pertains to philately the end of the day they can't take back millions of postage stamps so consider this one this is the Nativity of Christ directly from the Vatican 1965 first day cover here's another one 1966 this is when America put out their first Madonna and Child and this was cancelled in Madrid Spain and franked of course with a Spanish postage stamp another one that's kind of interesting is also from Spain but it's a Madonna and Child and it basically gives glory to the Virgin Mary this is adoration of the shepherds by Poussin and this is an interesting cover because as you can see most first-day covers come with artwork and this that matches a fix to the cover or the first day cover here's one from st. Lucia a first day cover getting Mary and the baby Jesus much respect and homage this is Christmas sixty-seven whereas back in the States back in the United States they had just issued the second Madonna postage stamp this is canceled in Bethlehem so very interesting but still not worth much value here's another one directly out of Florence Italy and as you can see every one of these has a postage stamp commemorating the Bergeon marry the baby Christ and oftentimes even Joseph as well this is Christmas 1969 directly out of bueno Sardis here's another one round about the time I was born it has a quote from Isaiah 9:6 his name shall be called wonderful counselor the mighty God the everlasting father and the Prince of Peace I'm sure you're well aware that Yahshua fulfilled almost every one of those attributes and finally the last worst day cover I would like to show you and not my only one it's one from the exact year that I was born and from Uruguay but it also is Christmas 1973 and commemorates the Virgin Mary now unfortunately in this latter era philately or stamp collecting is a hobby that is hardly even done and most likely because of the invention of email and frankly put most children in this era are too lazy to bother even collecting stamps and therefore at the beginning of every broadcast that comes from this pulpit there is a statement that we truly enjoy receiving your letters from all around the world and as you can see that most assuredly is the case and as I said the best part of philately is we progressed into apostasy and we go further further into rebuilt Babylon the Edomite tries to redefine history to rewrite history however when it comes to these historical things for example how can they do that when it comes to Germany or even East Germany as you can see these are all meant and worth about three - harsh but as time changes they can't change history and that is the beauty of philately so enough on that but I definitely suggest in this era of distractions if you're able to to collect postage stamps from all around the white world why not they tell the story of our people they tell the migrations and oftentimes even explain what we read about within our Bible now today like usual I'm going to be broadcasting wide through euro folk radio calm and we're going to be looking at the Forgotten books of Eden and the lost books of the Bible this my friend is the first edition and as such you can see that it also is kept in mint condition but this is the first edition lost books of the Bible and the Forgotten books of Eden as you can see it's published by world Bible publishers and I'm sure many of the people who will listen to this live and in archive probably because that's the copy of this book because it features plates introductions and so forth but as you can see I bought this when it first came out in the late 80s but have never used this particular Edition because it is first edition it will likely never be worth money but it has much value sentimentally to me thus the one I usually use it's my Torah copy of the second edition lost books of the Bible and forgotten books of evils and as you can see this one's well enjoyed has many marks in it I preached to many a sermon out of it today we're going to be revisiting the gospel of the birth of Mary the proto vangelia and also time allowing the infancy gospel of Jesus Christ because in revisiting some of these books we can shed light on Mary's virtue josephs calling to protect the baby Jesus and provide in the process little-known facts about the Virgin Mary her parents and Angela 'some and her life growing up within the temple of temples or the holiest of holies and very few people know that because unsurprisingly the deeds of Mary the mother of God are often under reported and what we consider canon for example basically we have Gabriel come in say you're highly favored you'll be you'll be found with child and you will deliver and we also have Joseph taking them but outside of Mary coming to the empty tomb Mary being there at a few events that Christ held with his disciples and Christ hanging on the cross looking down to John and saying behold there is your mother the Bible is silent when it pertains to the miracles and the great deeds of the Virgin Mary now with that being said don't mistake what I am saying because I will mention it as we go through the broadcast unfortunately we have Lutheran's and we have Catholics the papacy who come in and they venerate Mary and they hold her up on a level that she shouldn't be basically the Apostles Creed for example is a bastardization of the words of the angel Gabriel when Gabriel appears to Miriam and Luke and in the Gospel of Matthew he says thou art highly favored blessed art thou among women of course the Catholics take that and they add Hail Mary Mother of God blessed us the fruit of thy womb Jesus so was Mary the mother of God in a way and in the aspect that she bore Emmanuel God with us in fulfillment of a prophecy given by Isaiah but what the papacy espouses is basically the mother of God being the mother of Yahweh who has no beginning or end or beginning of days and end of days thus what the papacy worships as the Virgin Mary is a representation of Ishtar which goes all the way back to the Bale priests that we were covering here on this very venue not that long ago in our study Susanna story and fell in the dragon and so again don't misconstrue what I'll be teaching my goal with today's lecture is to provide an alternate viewpoint into many things that our people may not be aware of when it pertains to the Virgin Mary until I showed you some of the postage stamps and first-day covers that I've collected and I have even more through the red door actually when it comes down to it that I saved from my own ministering letters from Finland Spain Germany all around the world even Mexico and Japan ironically and every now and again I get a man who wants to send me something like this great Newton South I don't know who mailed me this because it came in an unmarked package but sending pastor Visser a yeren Sal I took this as a compliment complete with teats and everything well granted they probably bought it at the Kroger for about a dollar and felt compelled to mail it to me but I truly appreciate it it's not a sin to pet a pig it's only a sin to touch the dead carcass of one and to eat one but if you know that a pig is actually a pretty good farm animal in the regards that they're a great roto tiller and oftentimes if your sewer system gets backed up well just unleash the hounds and the slain will go right down and clean it up so that you didn't sounds cute and every now and again I'll preach to it and give it the blunt of my wrath I'll be said so here in about a minute minute and a half we're going to be going live on euro folk radio I'll be broadcasting directly for an hour and at the halfway point which will be 12:30 Eastern Standard Time we're gonna play about a 1 minute intermission which will allow you time to go and get yourself a cup of coffee or a cold cherry coca-cola whatever helps you through the night now with that being said if you have the lost books of the Bible which are considered Gnostic and a few books within it pseudepigrapha now would be the time to obtain it and thus we're about to go live also towards the conclusion we're going to be loading up Google directly from Google and not YouTube and thus if you have any questions and I'm able to see them I'll be more than happy to answer them in about one hour it may not work but Yahweh knows you know we're trying everything we can over here to try and get these videos to a whole new world the buses we are nearing twelve o'clock now and again if you have any questions feel free to go ahead and post them and if I'm not able to answer them today my good friend za PL who's in the chat room I'm sure will forward them to me twelve O'Clock thank you for joining us for the clarity gathering here on euro folk radio calm our host is pastor Vizards from the covenant peoples ministry org we hope that you are inspired to grow in faith and wisdom by studying the scriptures with us this written gather the people sanctified the congregations assemble the elders gather the children to let us gather together for this Bible study hour with our coats pastor juicers on the euro folk radio networks hello again dear Ken spoken thank you for joining me I'm pastor visitor of the covenant people's Church it Brooks Georgia and I'm pleased to be streaming today through euro folk radio calm so if you're listening to this live now on youtube or in archive be sure to swing by and bookmark euro folk radio calm before we actually look at today's subject matter i would like to thank Paul English and Eli James from the euro folk radio network for making this particular broadcast available to an entirely different generation and a generation that truly requires the of God's Word perhaps more than ever before and one of the things that our canonized authorized King James Version of the Bible this was furiously silent upon are the deeds and the miracles and the actions and virtue of the Virgin Mary the very mother of Yahshua the Christ and during the pre-show on YouTube I was showing every single United States issue of a postage stamp dealing with the Madonna and Child we looked at a few first-day covers from around the world including Vatican City to see that at least about 50 years ago more people respected the Virgin Mary but we run the risk within Christian identity of being so patriarchal that oftentimes we neglect the aspect at the hand that rocks the cradle' is what well today we're going to be looking from what is considered the lost books of the Bible or the Forgotten books of Eden we're going to be looking at the gospel of the birth of Mary the proto vangelia and also time allowing the infancy gospel of Jesus Christ which is attributed to the Apostle Thomas that is time allowing but you may be well aware that actually about nine years ago in 2008 I covered in its entirety the gospel of the birth of Mary and the proto Banj elegant which is considered to be the proto gospel and it was quite popular in fact in many ways it could be considered my epic piece if you will because not too many people touch these types of books so if you have the gospel of the birth of Mary please turn there now and you're also able to if you don't possess a hard copy to swing by on the world wide web and download several different variations of this particular book this book is also known as the book of Mary the gospel of Mary but it's correct title it's the gospel of the birth of Mary and the reason for that is because it details Mary's birth at the hands of her parents Anna and joatham but it also did details the young Virgin Mary's life growing up within the temple itself being sanctified or holy put aside it tells the story of when the time came that the women who grew up within that temple were ready to take a husband a majority of the temple daughters rushed headlong out to look for a husband or a spouse but not so with Mary Mary didn't desire anything of the world and frankly put her marriage or consummation of that marriage between her and Joseph was an act of fulfilled prophecy how can I say that well turn with me to the gospel of the birth of Mary but chapter 1 this explains the parentage of Mary pay close attention the blessed and ever glorious Virgin Mary sprung from the royal race and family of David stopping right there before we even conclude verse 1 of chapter 1 perhaps you've heard me say in times past that these books that are considered Apocrypha Gnostic are tainted with less because they're not considered canon therefore the Edomite heir has no vested interest and truly coming in and perverting these books because well let's face it the majority of judeo-christians don't even read their Bible and if they do it's one verse at a time here we learn several things and we didn't even conclude the verse but the Virgin Mary is considered number one blessed of Yahweh God that is exactly what Gabriel told her when he gave his angelic salutation the second thing is for pedigree notice she sprung from the royal race and family of David doesn't say offspring doesn't say nation but the gospel of the birth of Mary chapter one and verse one sets the stage in telling you that the Virgin Mary was of the right pedigree and that should be common sense because we know she like David and Solomon and so many others was a chosen vessel chosen and holy what is holy mean but set aside thus the gospel of Mary verse one concludes the blessed and ever glorious Virgin Mary sprung from the royal race and family of David she was born in the city of Nazareth and educated at Jerusalem in the very temple of Yahweh her father's name was Joseph and her mother's Anna the family of her father was of Galilee and the city of Nazareth the family of her mother was Bethlehem that's quite interesting is it not because our Lord was born in Bethlehem in fulfillment of a prophecy of Isaiah saying unto us a child is born unto us a son is given so I want you to consider that because her father's name was Joe asome but if you were with me about four days ago we looked at Susanna's story and what was the name of Susanna's husband the King Joe a-come a polite way of saying Joe Aslam but what's interesting about the story of the Virgin Mary is it's not far removed from what we read about when it comes to Abraham and Sarah even the chihwan her parents at least would conceive in latter age why is that important well much like when Abraham was called to sacrifice father Isaac it was to show forth how close we came to extinction as a race here a put well a royal race is this not what Paul says it's your a priesthood a chosen race indeed we are thus Mary was she dwelt within the land or the city of Nazareth more specifically Bethlehem which ironically was the hometown of her own mother Anna and would come full circle about 15 to 20 years later from the time of her birth to give birth to God manifest in the flesh continue the narrative in verse 3 their lives were plain and right in the sight of Yahweh they were both pious and faultless before men for they divided all their substance into three parts one of which they devoted to the temple and the offices of the temple another they distributed among the poor and strangers and persons in poor circumstances and the third they reserved for themselves for the use of their own family so everything Anna and joatham the Virgin Mary's parents made they split into thirds and they're listed here in order of priority but notice they put themselves last obviously they observed the Golden Rule now I ask you where do you think Christ learned a majority of what it was he learned indeed we could split hairs and say it's God manifest in the flesh therefore he was born with all this ancient and infinite wisdom right but I assure you we see glimpses of it right here the glimpses of the virtue that was instilled within the Virgin Mary that she could in turn instill within the baby Jesus for example verse 5 continues in this manner they live for about 20 years safely in the favor of God and in the esteem of men but without any children so for 20 years and enjoy some were married but they didn't have a child does that sound familiar because that's exactly what happened to Abraham in the plains of Mamre but it was the will of God just like with Saul of Tarsus he had other plans for Mary now truth be told these are all New Testament books at least written 2,000 years ago in contrast to the lxx and the Septuagint or just the Torah that was written five to six thousand years ago why is that important because again like I've said in this era virtue is something that is frowned upon in fact just the term virginity is considered a bad word why well because of apostasy but let's continue reading they didn't have any children so what do you do if you don't have any children for example some couples may go out and get in vitro fertilization right never even understanding that usually it's birth control that seals up the womb so we truly do reap what we sow God controls the womb of women if that wasn't outline specifically and more than adamantly in our own Canon then I don't know what to tell you so they didn't have a child but verse 6 of chapter 1 says but they vowed Yahweh would favour them with any issue they would devote it to the service of Yahweh on which account they went to every feast at the temple of Yahweh where in Jerusalem a very place where Yahshua would be crucified tried betrayed where he would rail against the Pharisees for an upwards of a week on Solomon's porch where he would go in to his father's house the Temple of Jerusalem and overturned the tables of the moneychangers and beat them down with a whip saying you've turned my father's house into a den of thieves so who was the father of Mary Joseph but thus we have this question who is the father of Yahweh well now such time is obviously getting away from me and this topic is so expansive skip with me to chapter 2 of the birth of Mary verse 1 but when Jo ISM had been there for some time on a certain day when he was alone the angel of Yahweh stood by him with aphrodisias light to whom being trouble that the appearance the angel who had appeared to him endeavoring to compose them set do not be afraid jealous 'im now that should sound familiar because in our own Gospel accounts three of the four it is Gabriel who was sent to the city of Nazareth from Yahweh God to give his angelic salutation which ironically the papacy stole perverts today and adds to and takes a little bit away from but every single instance including the Virgin Mary and Joseph in the Gospel according to Luke of a person dealing with an angel they're filled with dread they're fearful so much so even here he has to say don't be afraid Joe us I'm proving that Joseph was afraid so men come in and they say hey angels are just men right then what's there to be afraid of it they're just men remember even the Virgin Mary pondered within her heart and was troubled at the salutation of Gabriel saying that she would be with child he says don't be afraid nor troubled at the sight of me for I am an angel of Yahweh sent by him to you that I might inform you that your prayers are heard and your alms offended in the sight of God for Yahweh has surely seen your shame and heard you unjustly reproached for not having children for God is the Avenger of sin and not of nature now isn't it interesting that proverbs the Bible itself says that a womb that is dry is a shameful thing in fact many children aren't blessing from Yahweh God and happy the man with a full quiver of arrows right but yet we live in a society today where they literally have a majority of our women believe that children are a curse of God and somehow or another are keeping them from obtaining what they want within Satan's Kingdom now what's not said here because we didn't have time is the fact that many other women would come in and they would attack and moth anna mary's mother because she wasn't able to conceive we saw this also in sarah okay because she couldn't conceive and when she was about 80 to 90 years old an angel of the Lord appears in the plains of Mamre and says you're going to conceive it she giggles well why not it's an uncommon beat but it proves two things number one once upon a time motherhood was the greatest aspiration that a woman could achieve or aspire to go towards not so in 2017 and number two again Yahweh controls the womb of women so don't go to a doctor go to Yahweh first if you require issue offering or progeny of Yahweh God so notice Gabriel here says he has surely heard your prayers because you've suffered and so when he shuts the womb of any person this is chapter 2 in the birth of Mary but first life when Yahweh shuts the womb of any person he does this for a reason can you consider that for a moment because I know many people try to have children right and they're not able to and on the same token oftentimes the men and women who do have children shouldn't have children and aren't worthy of having them and that may seem on its surface like there's partiality or that God is unfair even here Anna and joatham weren't treated reproach ibly but God vindicated them and not only vindicated that was just the act of a young daughter but the greatest daughter among women to have ever lived so what can we learn from all these narratives that often times we go through persecution because God has other plans for us often times like in the case of soul we have a different road laid out for us that was the case God is a vendor of sin and not nature for the first mother of your nation Sara was she not barren even until her 80th year the angel continues and yet even in the end of her old age she brought forth Isaac and whom the promise was made of blessing of all nations now we don't need to but if you turn to Genesis chapter 16 verse 2 you know that part of the Abrahamic covenant was that in Abraham's seed should all the families of the earth be blessed all flesh will be blessed through Abraham in fact Paul reiterates that in in Galatians by telling even the Gentiles that all the nations would be blessed but his calling unto they in Malaysia as an example was fulfillment of Abrahamic covenant thus so also was this and that is why the angel has to remind hey even Sara didn't conceive until she was 80 years old and who's greater than Sara at the time this was given nobody but of course Mary superceded he also says in verse 7 Rachel also so much in favor with God and beloved so much holy like Jacob continued barren for a long time yet afterwards she was the mother of Joseph who was not only governor of Egypt but delivered many nations from perishing with hunger that's Genesis chapter 30 and you know the story of Joseph right but Joseph act was also a part of fulfillment of the Abrahamic covenant when Joseph was leveled up almost equal to Pharaoh in the land of Egypt he blessed every Israelite nation Indus for they wouldn't start thus what the angel is telling Ana and joatham it's not far removed from what we know in Canada that she will conceive she will bring forth the Redeemer of all Israel right and the ultimate fulfillment of a promise made with Abraham because abraham believed God and it was counted towards him for righteousness long before the Mosaic law so when you start thinking you're special you're great not even the Virgin Mary felt that way not even Joel ISM who was an High Priest so consider that because when it all comes down to it if even Mary was fearful but reassured that she was special to God thus it stands for each and every one of us he also says in verse 8 who among the judges was more value than Samson or more holy than Samuel and yet both of their mothers were barren well you know this of course it's in judges it's in Chapter thirteen roundabout but there are numerous examples in what we consider Canon so in establishing this fact the Virgin Mary almost wasn't born Isaac almost was sacrificed on the altar thus what does that represent to the flesh something to consider now skip forward to chapter three afterwards the angel appeared to Anna his light notice goes to the husband first not the wife what did the serpent do in Genesis chapter three went to the woman first but the head of every woman is the man so does you no good to go to the woman first instead of the man thus we see this is not a fallen angel this is an angel truly son of God he goes to Mary's father first Joseph says you're gonna have a child but it will be an old age and then ultimately in chapter 3 goes to Anna the angel appeared to Anna is wife saying fear not neither think that which you see is a spirit thumb to consider is it not flesh and blood don't inherit the kingdom of God this angel says what you're seeing isn't a spirit don't fear once again I invite the listener to show me one example of an Angelus or an angel what is considered oftentimes a messenger or an angel appearing to an Israelite or Gentile and those people not being afraid Ana was afraid the angel has to say don't fear be or not why would he have to say that if it was just a mere man we're instructed and in fact it's forbidden to fear me they're supposed to fear God and keep his Commandments by whom we fear we serve the enemy knows that that's why they have so much beautiful out there notice he says fear not neither think that which you see is a spirit for I am that angel who has offered up your prayers and alms before Yahweh and now I am sent to you that I may inform you that a daughter will be born unto you who shall be called Mary and she shall be blessed among all women this Mary blessed among all women indeed she is and even to this day there is no woman of virtue not perfect was the Virgin Mary but no woman had virtue that excels the Virgin Mary so consider this statement ok we're gonna turn to the Gospel according to Matthew or Luke turn to Luke chapter 1 but verse 15 the angel said unto them fear not Zacharias provide prayers heard and thy wife Elizabeth shall barren son and thou shalt call his name John and thou shalt have joy and gladness and many will rejoice at his birth for he shall be great in the sight of the Lord and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink and he shall be filled with the holy spirit even from his mother's womb this proves something else predestination to prophets in the Old Testament Isaiah and Jeremiah both make the claim that they were for ordained and for knew in the womb of their mother one apostle in the New Testament makes the same claim found in the book of Galatians that is the Apostle Paul who said Yahweh for knew that he would become an ambassador unto the Gentiles but yet here we have the example of John the Baptist Elizabeth being his mother being conceived in latter age just like the Virgin Mary herself and ironically Anna and Elizabeth were sisters the Virgin Mary's cousin was Elizabeth this proves that Mary not only as we confirm today sprung from the Holy Davidic grace of God but that she was of the tribe or daughters of Aaron Levitical priests and that's important why do you think she was chosen how come Yahweh didn't choose a woman from amongst that you did but rather from the tribe of Levi well it makes sense if Yahshua the Christ is our high priest forever after the order of Melchizedek it makes perfect sense that he would go after that tribe of Levi thus this happens he goes the angel to her father then to her mother and he says you'll be blessed among all women so I ask you with the exception of perhaps Queen Elizabeth who has been commemorated in artwork in postage stamps in campus trees and usually found in everyone's house alongside Jesus Christ more than the Virgin Mary nobody she truly is blessed among all women because she's considered the mother of the only begotten Son of God and this is important because this terminology Jesus is that you couldn't be attributed to Mary because we've confirmed Mary was amongst the daughters of Aaron just like Elizabeth so what does that mean what that means is that Joseph was it you did thus when we come in and we say Jesus is a Jew knowing that he's half done and half Levitical you're siding with the world you're siding with Pilate and at the end of the day God his spirit so it's something to consider when you really consider this obviously Yahweh God had to go after the priestly tribe of Levi because Christ was in high priest forever after the order of Melchizedek so he says and continues in verse 3 she shall be referencing Mary immediately upon her birth full of grace of the Lord and shall continue during the three years of her weaning in her father's house but afterwards being devoted to the service of Yahweh shall not depart from the temple until she arrives at the year of discretion some theologians come in and they say that the Virgin Mary was about 13 to 14 years old when she conceived of the Holy Spirit I personally place it around 16 to 17 but people can split hairs on us what we need to understand about this is all three of these books the infancy Gospel of Thomas the birth of Mary and the proto vangelia go into great detail about Mary being sanctified which is a polite way of saying holy and set aside for the service of Yahweh God what could it be that Yahweh God foreknew all the way back then that the Jew had come in in their oral Tolman and say that Mary is a whore and Jesus Christ is a bastard born of adultery don't believe me that's their seventh that's what they teach I can prove that look it up in your Talmud in fact nine times out of ten the name Jesus Christ is replaced in the Talmud with the name of Balaam the Mesopotamian soothsayer and false prophet I want you to think about that because add three narrative but the King James version of the Bible says that the moment the Virgin Mary was weaned from her mother Anna round about two and a half to three years old she went directly into the Temple of Jerusalem and was set aside so she couldn't be defiled and she was basically segregated by gender so I want you to really think about that because today in modern society they have no problem coming in attacking Jesus Christ but what's worse even Christ said if you speak a word against me and she'll be forgiven but if you speak against the Holy Spirit it can't be forgiven so think on those things I'm going to take a one-minute break and I'll be back with you momentarily for the conclusion of today's lecture broadcasting live on your own folk radio if you have been led of the Spirit to hear more on these Bible study messages and be a part of our fellowship be sure to write to us at C p.m. post office box two five six Brooks Georgette's three zero two zero five you can also visit us we will find direct access to our extensive selection of audio sermons and Christian publications hello again my good friends thank you for rejoining me my name is pastor Visser and before that break we were taking a look at some of the works that the parents of the Virgin Mary went through and did righteous and unrighteous at least the mockery on the part of the fellow Israelites in order to conceive an old age and bring forth Mary so we looked at chapter one two and three parts thereof sets of passages and all confirmed that this was prophecy that Mary would be born set aside grow up within the holiest of holies receive her food at the hands of angels singing the song of degrees as she went up and down the steps of the very temple herself every single day and then ultimately be betrothed to Joseph and so I'd like now to move over to another point parts of what we know in Canon from Luke and Matthew pertaining to the Nativity story or found also within the gospel of the birth of Mary and the proto man jelly for example this is a salutation of Gabriel the angel as he appears to Mary herself but according to the Book of Mary not Luke Matthew nor mark skip up to chapter 7 first one this is what we learn now at the time of her first coming into Galilee the angel Gabriel was sent to her from God to declare to her Mary the conception of our Savior and the manner and way of her conceiving him now I want you to pay attention here because this is one point where many people struggle that is the Immaculate Conception but I'm here to tell you the Virgin Mary wasn't a perpetual virgin she was however a virgin I'm set aside until her womb was opened and she brought forth of the Holy Spirit Emmanuel God with us or Yahshua the Christ but after that point Mary and Joseph went on to have many other children because they were but raw and there was no sin within now James being one Jude being another Simon being yet another so consider that this is almost verbatim from the Gospel according to Luke chapter 7 verse 1 now at the time of the coming into Galilee the angel was sent to her to explain verse 2 accordingly Gabriel going into her he filled the chamber where she was with prettiest light and the most courteous manner saluting her and said Hail Mary virgin of the Lord most acceptable Oh Holy Virgin full of grace the Lord is with you you are blessed above all women you're blessed above all men that have been hurt you boy what is the Apostles Creed say well they'll Mary full of grace the Lord is with you blessed be the fruit of thy womb Jesus pray for us sinners now and in the hour of our death Hail Mary the Mother of God so in a way Christ was Immanuel God with us that's what his name means but in a way Mary truly was the mother of God not above Yahweh but certainly above Yahshua because Yahshua was created lower than the Angels for the purpose of suffering and death so Mary is blessed among all women and this is important in light of the fact that we just covered the apocryphal story of Susanna she was virtuous more virtuous than Esther pray but not as blessed as Mary what does all of this mean this means that if we're to be a parent were to raise daughters it should be common sense that were to teach and instill within them the virtues of virginity we're also to teach them to obey their husband as is right unto the Lord and we're also supposed to teach them to have faith faith something that is so lacking in this current Europe but yet so important it's our faith that overcomes the world it took faith on the part of joatham and Anna to believe in God they could have at any turn went to a doctor and made things worse they took faith on the part of Mary to tell Gabriel when he makes a salutation be it unto me according to Yahweh's will but she's meant to be an example to our women blessed above all so not Britney Spears Madonna Rosie O'Donnell and filthy fat pigs like that but Mary because she was obedient so that's extremely important to understand Gabriel continuous he says Hail Mary you're blessed above all women but the Virgin who had been before well acquainted with the countenance of angels and to whom such a light from heaven was no uncommon thing with neither terrified with the vision of the angel nor astonished at the greatness of the light but troubled at the Angels words now put this in perspective there's a thirteen-year-old girl who for a decade grew up with him the temple alongside many other young women her age today's equivalent of going to a Catholic school in many ways but removed from her family that's what holy and sanctified and set aside me and an angel appears to her she's accustomed to angels because all three of these books confirm that it was Angel's who fed her and taught her all these great things that she could instill within Christ and this angel comes and says to a thirteen-year-old girl approximately you're gonna conceive but not in the normal you're going to conceive of the Holy Spirit know wonder she was troubled wouldn't you be well notice this verse 6 in chapter 7 of the book of mary says she began to consider what an extraordinary salutation and what it should mean what it did pretend or what sort of end it would have to this thought the angel divinely-inspired replies men come in they say Angela just means messenger therefore there's no heavenly host which is ignorant and retorted at the end of the day because even Solomon's Temple had thousands of angel wings outstretched the very mercy seat itself had two cherubs over it with wings outstretched okay but what am I getting to here to this thought Gabriel replies to Mary can men read minds no but do we know from Scripture Yahweh God knows the hearts the thoughts the inclinations and intents of men so this isn't a human that's my point a human isn't something to fear but an angel when they come and give prophecy oftentimes can be something to be troubled alone so what does he say to this thought Gabrielle for very warring angels according to the Book of Enoch Gabriel is the very angel or overlord of paradise meaning it would have been Gabriel who cast Adam and Eve out of Eden that's his eternity the angel heard the thought of Mary because it wasn't spoken audibly and she any responds in verse 8 fear not Mary as though I intended anything inconsistent with your chastity with in this aayah tation for you have found favor with Yahweh because you may virginity your choice let's read that one more time Mary found favor with Yahweh because she made the choice of virginity but yet you turn on the television and there's TV shows or movies like the 40 year old virgin where they say what are you a virgin and a sport of course the knee-jerk reaction about it's supposed to be oh no not me why not answer yes virginity was Mary's choice that was why God set her aside because of Mary now that doesn't dissing ol everybody else but in a world of whores what's its proverbs 31 chap verses 10 through 31 teach us who can find a virtuous woman her price is far above rubies doesn't mean they don't exist it means they're so rare that they're likened unto a ruby and just as hard to find the Virgin Mary was one such example but her choice was why she was chosen to be blessed and revered above all women and to bring forth the only begotten Son of God so I want you to consider that now people come in and they say Christian identity is a works based faith system it truly is it but how why was Mary chosen well Gabriel explains it right here because of something she did because of a choice she made and that choice was to remain chaste and virgin did not go out the way of the world and become a whore like so many do okay so she finds favor because she found made virginity her choice what can we learn from this well to any females who may be listening to this obviously if you make virginity your choice or abstinence and you remain a chaste virgin for Christ for the latter marriage supper of the Lamb well then obviously you will find favor with God now what's not said in verse 9 is that whores have no favor with God because they're not chaste and pure they're already in bed with thing he says in verse 10 Gabriel to Mary therefore while you are a virgin you won't conceive with all sin and bring forth a son I want you to understand this there is such a thing in the Bible known as the original sin David said within his own Psalms and even Solomon in his Robert said they were conceived in their mother's womb in the act of sin don't believe me well I can prove it it's a study for another day but notice Gabriel says because you've found favor and you're a virgin you will concede without sin so there is no way shape or form that any man can come in and call miriam a woman of loose morals right he says he shall be great because he shall reign from sea to sea and from the rivers until the end of the earth that should sound sound familiar right turn with me back to the Gospel according to Luke but here we read in chapter 1 verse 31 this is the salutation of Gabrielle according to Luke behold thou shalt conceive in thy womb and bring forth a son and shall call his name Jesus that interesting doesn't say yeah sure and then you look deeper at this word in the Greek it doesn't mean Yahshua means Jesus well that's the name by which all are saying continuing on he shall be great he shall be called the son of the most highest number one first title attributed to Jesus Christ the Son of God so separate but equal okay lower than the Angels for the purpose of dying continuing on he shall be quite great and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David well that should shed more light on why the gospel of the birth of Mary begins in verse 1 chapter 1 the blessed and glorious Virgin Mary who sprung from the royal race and offspring of David now even in 2 a society this term race is in many ways considered foreboding it's one of those topics most people tell you hey don't ever discuss race religion or politics and what's ironic about that statement is if we're not talking about race religion or politics everything else is and we're talking about at the end of the day what's more important to marry nothing even Gabriel sent from God said you're blessed you're sanctified and you're set aside but back here in Luke notice the holy God he says he shall be great the son of the Most High and he'll have the throne he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever and of his kingdom there shall be no end isn't it interesting that Gabrielle doesn't tell Mary to reign over the entire world every nation and on covenant person but rather just as we know of Christ he was born to save his people from their sins singular and exclusive each time Christ clearly said I'm not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel why well fulfillment of prophecy Yahweh God will give under Jesus the throne of his father David and he shall reign over the house of Jacob a polite way of saying the race of Israel and of his eventual kingdom there shall be no end then said Mary unto the angel how shall this be thing I know not an hour that's in Luke I want to digress here momentarily because we have many modern translations of the Bible and ironically almost every one of them will come in and change Luke chapter 1 verse 34 to marry retorting by saying how can this be for I'd known not my husband I want you to think about this in light of the statement found in the Jewish Talmud directly out of Babylon and that is that Mary is a whore and Jesus is a bastard born of adultery consider that statement for a while because when you look at it there's a great difference between husband and Beth understand what I'm saying any woman can get pregnant by someone other than their husband but Mary doesn't say that like the NIV reports or the new American Standard rather the authorized version of the Bible has Maren telling Gabriel how can it be that I will conceive and have a child because I've never lied with any man period so my point with that is many modern translations leave open the Talmudic premise that the Virgin Mary was a whore and committed adultery with a Roman centurion she says how can this be because I'm a virgin some manuscripts render this and the angel answered and said unto her the Holy Ghost a polite way of saying Spirit will come upon thee and overshadow thee and the power of the highest will overshadow thee therefore that thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God isn't that interesting his name is Emmanuel which is basically what a useless or jesus means in the group but yet the angel says for this cause he shall be called why because the Holy Spirit came upon Mary this is known as the Immaculate Conception and this transpired before she was betrothed to Joseph and final verse here in Luke verse 37 behold thy cousin Elizabeth she has also conceived a son in her old age thus this is the six month with her who is also once upon a time called barren and thus that is why I spent time on that point as well at the end of the day it is Yahweh who gives in Yahweh who takes away and all they a fool would go and allow themselves to be a jacket to be jacked up with inoculations that mercury-based poisons and even a bigger fool would take a blessing from Yahweh God as small helpless infant handed over to the enemy so they completed it perhaps that's another unspoken reason as to why the Virgin Mary was chosen and considered blessed it's not said by Gabriel but it's most assuredly said by the text because when King Herod heard at least a second that Hakeem was born this day in the land of Judea in the town of Bethlehem what did he do he decreed that every male child of the Israelites would be put to death thus the Virgin Mary and Joseph his stepfather fleed into the land of the accidents being Egypt to protect Christ now I really want you to consider this because in so many ways when we send our children off to public school to the Boy Scouts to the church even down the road and we allow the world to come in and have their way with them we have failed as a parent when the number one prerequisite and requirement from Yahweh God is to protect the innocent from the evils of this world my point is as Mary and Joseph did that and you should be able to see from the four Gospels that was the reason why the Virgin Mary was so highly favored by men well partially her parents were more so but with God God has an entirely different set of judgment so moving on because fame is getting away from couple things I want to consider from the Pro to ban jellia this basically as a book says the same exact thing and in 2008 I did a hour-long broadcast before there was even a euro folk radio with pastor Eli James looking at this book because it's truly not important man will come in say it's not canon what does that mean Canon is basically the prefix for cannibalism I know that's a study for another chapter 2 of the proton and Julian verse 1 in the meantime Joseph's wife Ana was distressed and perplexed on a double account and said I will both mourn for my widowhood and for my Baroness Wow what a woman a virtue think about that here's a woman who's mourning for being barren but yet I venture to say probably 90% of the Whois who live today go out and do everything they can do to sterilize themselves I've even seen Fish Hooks on the television where they rip their guts up because they truly believe in fulfillment of prophecy that children will no longer be a blessing but occurs and that's exactly what Yahweh God said he with you that he would turn our blessings and cursings and there's no greater a blessing than a virtuous woman like Mary was and a child or a soul from Yahweh God which is what Jesus Christ was to Joseph and Mary so she mourned for them it was upsetting to her not the other way around oh my god I'm pregnant what am I going to do let's go get an abortion verse 2 then drew near a great beast of Yahweh and Judith her maid said how long will you afflict your soul the Beast of Yahweh has now come when it is unlawful for anyone to mourn take therefore this hood which was given by one who makes such things where it's not fit that I who am your servant should wear it but it will suits a person of your greater character interesting Judith admits that Mary or Anna at least was greater but Anna replied apart from me I am not used to such things beside Yahweh is greatly humbled me I fear some old designing person has given this to me and thou are come to pollute me with my sin that's an interesting statement in many ways I said he was sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel but the Old Testament clearly confirms that were lost to Yahweh that is if we're an Israelite in a state of habitual sin what sin did Ana have to atone for but yet she says here I believe you think discernment she says I believe that you're coming in with a nil designing thing to come at me now what's interesting about this is when you look at it what is she asking she says put on this well process and study for another day this term hood is fail unfortunately hair in the New Testament was translated from Vail as hair and thus when we learn in the New Testament that it's a glory for a woman to have long hair that's the veil the shroud of covering for the fallen angels and we learned that it's a shame for a man to have long hair that's basically looking up in the Greek it's a shame for a man to put on a female's veil because it denotes homosexuality with the fallen angels now that's just Christianity 101 but that's basically what Judith tells Ana put on this veil cover your beauty do you remember Susana the two elders came in and basically said hey let's lift her veil what shame her so we can look upon her beauty even though it meant the death of Susana so obviously Ana understood something we don't but Judith her maid answered and said what evil shall I wish when you will not even hearken unto me I cannot wish you a greater curse than you are under in that God who shut up your womb and that you should not be a mother in Israel I really love that narrative because it shows just like true to life and most assuredly in my ministry 95% of the people who come to you with so-called good intentions really want to see you fall they want to see your destruction isn't it interesting that Judith the servant of anna mary's mother came to her and said hey put on this hood or this veil and that might get you to be able to have a child but anna was wiser using discernment and said not so i'm not gonna do all that because i believe you're setting me up and then what happens well the mask comes off and this is something you'll find in christian identity over and over and over the jew will play a game alongside you they'll pretend to be your friend they'll even send you ties and three will offerings but the moment you figure them out who they are that mask comes off and suddenly it's not quite so pretty we see this in judeo-christian Rome well they'll say the Jews are God's chosen go out and say that a million times you'll be patted on the back but say the Jews are not God's chosen one time and you'll see exactly what I'm dealing with suddenly that whole facade drops the stood a woman who is a servant to Anna a woman who was paid by joatham her husband then shows her true intention she says i can't wish you a greater curse than you're under and that god shut up your womb partially correct because judith understood that god controlled the womb of women but was an accursed absolutely not and thus this week alone I've had a few retarded idiots come in and say pastor basura has long hair and he's got blue eyes and although men tick and they'll do all of these things and ironically a majority of those men for years sat on my form and pretended to be my friend now you're not going to be a preacher or very much of one if you're not already prepared to know that your own friend will lift up his heel against you that was seen in Judas and that was seen in Judith here the female equivalent of a betrayer but Ana was exceedingly troubled and having on her wedding garment went about three o'clock to walk in her garden and saw a laurel tree and sat under it and prayed unto Yahweh say O God of my father's bless me and regard my prayer as thou did bless the womb of Sarah and gave her a son in old age known as Isaac what a great state is there any patriarch greater than Abraham Isaac or Jacob probably not at the end of the day with the exception of maybe David or Solomon but youth this example and some of the facets or tenants recovered today if you require progeny if you're in your young your early 20s and you're recently married and you desire children make a prayer like Anna did she says you regard the prayer of my Israelite forefathers Yahweh and you bless the womb of Sarah that should be an oversimplification but my point is this did you has it pegged on almost every end if they don't have you eating Baconator sandwiches and billing your gut with unclean foods which keeps your mind cloudy and keeps the spirit out of you then they usually have our people going out getting inoculated getting back seen getting abortions or put on birth control all of which at the end of the day is a representation of their desire to be God who controls the woman women yahwah who gives who takes away Yahweh but just like the devil of all that she wants the credit that is true Yahweh so they come in and they say hey won't fertilize you they come in and they say hey we'll abort your penis if you desire but notice just like we covered today God foreknew Jeremiah God foreknew Isaiah and God foreknew that Anna would conceive in old age just like Sarah that's what I want you to understand so if you had a faith and don't shrink back like so many do and look to man or man's man's will to deliver you here you won't be deceived always go to Yahweh God Mary did and that is why Mary was so highly favored and so chosen she didn't want to be a whore she was willing to do what God said by saying according to my will let it be done unto me and she had virtue she made virginity her choice which is something in this latter era that is so very rare and hard to combine a virtuous woman and so I would like to invite you to join me once again this coming Wednesday 7 o'clock right here on Google Hangouts and YouTube and also streaming why do euro folk radio calm until then this is pastor mister from the heart of the dirty south and I do mean dirty wishing you and your entire family great studies in or for Christ for you live radio network it can also be found in the archives of our church's website which is feminine people's ministry org if you have questions or comments regarding these messages please write to us at CPM post office box two five six Brooks Georgia three zero two zero five USA thanks again for joining us for this episode may God bless you and keep you and be with you always thank you dear Kent funk as that show concludes I would like to thank the men and women who are logged into the chat and amazingly enough I am able to although I will have to mute it I'm able to actually log in on YouTube and see the chat well that's a very good thing and in fact if you do have any questions now would be the time to answer it or to post them I see James is in there James see that's my good friend and Hawaii good to see you brother and it looks as though there's about 14 people in the live chat which is a given because I actually don't expect too many people to come into these actual shows but notice time willing these are gonna take over as I have said countless times the future of broadcasting is video our people are truly quite lazy and I'm honored and in many ways so humbled that people take the time to even listen I know I wouldn't in fact when it comes to me I don't listen to anything i preachers not on big period why there's a reason for that you quench your spirit listening to false doctrine if you don't listen to all these idiots nine times out of ten you won't be missing fact you can stay within the simplicity that is Christ but on that token you know for people to come in and listen to me as they drive around in their trucks or when they're on vacation with their family there's a truly humbling thing and therefore we are truly working to try to bring live streaming video to a whole new generation in fact we're working currently on hopefully doing some documentaries and videos right here in the beautiful state of Georgia because you may be aware that the Georgia Guidestones are actually right down the road and about three blocks up the road is where they film the lot yet they have the walking dead gift store there where you can go see Darryl's crossbow or whatever those idiots do on that television show well we were thinking about actually going into that making video documentaries and so forth because they can really reach more people people are more prone to watch than they ever are to listen and kind of sad in a way now by way of upcoming shows the sky is truly the limit currently we're working on concluding through video our series on Galatians the New Testament epistle of Paul but in the future we actually intend on covering the lost chapter of the Acts of the Apostles this is a great one in fact when you sign up for the American Institute of theology they'll send you this it has a copy of the papyrus mr. Atticus manuscripts but it also goes line by line although it's pretty poor in my estimation because what good is it it's interesting it's good for historical but there's really no writing in it it says and claims to be written by ear Eamon cap but the commentaries pretty scarce in fact there's no notes within it and that's what's been holding me off on covering this supposed last chapter of the book of Acts because this book is important that proves Peter went on to Babylon just like our New Testament does but it also proves Paul went to Rome Rome Italy so that's kind of important in many ways especially in Christian identity where we espouse that the twelve tribes were scattered abroad and ultimately became known as the European or the Scandinavians when they descended over the Caucasus Mountains another thing that's kind of interesting that we might go into and if you don't have this book I suggest you get it you can probably find it for about a dollar online but it's Meredith's books of bible list if you remember a few weeks ago I actually showed you my second Bible as far as I know it's the only on intended Bible spiked finish date and it's called the dank sonicated Bible but what onon tation does is actually help you break down in a most simplistic term and thus that was the way I was trained which is why I usually say well point one point two point three those are bullet points a B and C onon tating the Bible well Meredith's book of Bible lists you can find this pretty much anywhere you can play find it for free at a church they'll give it to you is an interesting book in that it on indicate several things you can go into this it has plates by gustave aid or a great artist many of them through there which makes sense to caused or raise free youth but this is a book of lists for example exhortation from other apostles about how to treat others thus they're broken down thank you how many twenty-nine exhortation from other apostles eight warnings concerning evil spirits and then there's eight principles for a good family relationship number one what every man has his own wife singular so this is another study aid I definitely suggest if you're into on attaining the Word of God another one that is in my estimation mandatory issue much like Peter Frampton Comes Alive it's naves topical Bible this is a great book it's leather-bound there's many editions of this but it's a digest of the Holy Scriptures and therefore you can go with a book like this that is topical and say hey I want to look up swine right and you simply just go to ask you look it up and in a way it's kind of like a strong concordance or a digital Strong's Concordance is today in especially programs like a sword but this is a powerful tool when it comes to actually writing sermon notes and so you can find these usually pretty cheap but here we go for example we'll look up swine and here it is this is interesting while swine is forbidden s food according to Leviticus swine is useful food in Isaiah 65 during a time of apostasy swine was used in pagan sacrifice swine are like a whore with jewels within the nose Jesus sends the devils into swine and a sow returns to her washed wallowing in the mire references to swine but look here Suzanna a woman who ministered unto Jesus in Luke chapter 8 verse 3 so anyway these are really imperative and at the very end there is an outline and a structure of every word in the Bible and so you don't really need to support some of these clowns that come in and they take the Strong's numbers and they put them back into it they call it a Torah it's absolutely useless all you really need is an audit ated bible and if you're not able to find that a topical one they're simple to come by and when you desire any topic you can go to that particular book and look it up naves topical Bible or Meredith's book or Bible is now I truly like doing these live streams and in many ways it's like a fancy upbeat show and tell us and that just like in grammar school and so we really intend on expanding this as time goes on hopefully polishing the set and bringing all of these types of broadcasts to a whole new generation of Christian identity believers and so join me once again this coming Wednesday at 7 p.m. and on covenant people's radio at covenant peoples ministry org as we continue our series on galatians until about Tuesday night we should hopefully be releasing about three sermons per day between now and then until we're caught up and that all is because of the handful of men women and children that support this ministry men like Dave in Ohio Michael Karl Baron John Jack the patreon network my good buddy arch tight and our forum moderators a pl also one final time in case this is working I'm going to swing over look and see if there's any questions basically there's not I am here as always I feel a very slight change in you recently that is true there is a change in me why I haven't slept in 72 hours but there in a moment I'm about to log off and I'm going to take a power nap and I'll be back rolling here in a minute unfortunately Jane says in the chat you can find pastor mrs. complete gospel of Mary series here on the playlist and that I do suggest it is one of my most popular series so if you require the entire book covered in addition to infancy book 1 & 2 and the proto band jelly you can do it right here on YouTube if you go to the playlist there's a gospel to Mary or swing by covenant peoples ministry org and look for the gospel of Mary section under the audio archive on our website and so with this broadcast being in the bag and my friends still being here with me I will join once again and until next time this is pastor Buzzard from Brooks Georgia and the covenant people's church wishing you and yours great studies and warfare crimes

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